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An overnight success ten years in the making, Cryptocurrency is as transformative as it is evolutionary. At last, 2018 is expected to be the year that Cryptocurrency goes mainstream for many businesses and the public. In speaking with many executives and entrepreneurs, we’ve noticed that the path towards Cryptocurrency enlightenment often hinges on corporate culture and specific marketplace conditions. Full Cryptocurrency integration often happens in stages, it’s an evolutionary process for companies and consumers alike. The time of the Blockchain has arrived.


Bitcoin offers something groundbreaking and a growing number of national banks, including the Federal Reserve, are interested in using blockchain technology to power a centralized national currency. Most experts agree that, in the future, countries will turn to cryptocurrency; as money is already moving from the physical to the digital realm. So a method that secures digital transactions is a necessary investment, and the blockchain technology used in cryptocurrencies is a top contender.

When it comes to the future of money, cryptocurrency’s influence will be felt in its improved ability to avoid technological problems like hacking. Based on the global concerns of cybersecurity looming ahead; the blockchain will be the technology to transform the money of the future. As countries start to make the switch to digital currencies, their societies, along with the governments themselves and the economies upon which all rely, will have to figure out how to adapt.

The growth of the digital economy has already disrupted industries as diverse as media, music and transportation. The penetration of thousands of FinTech start-ups into all spheres of financial services has now brought this revolution to the disruption of money itself.

It’s a development that will increasingly blur the distinction between money and data. To some degree, this has already happened. The growth of e-commerce and apps for ordering taxis or paying for restaurants means that the physical act of paying is already somewhat forgotten and blurred. As the internet of things enables a new round of machine-to-machine transaction growth in the years ahead, payment virtualization will intensify, with the potential for a proliferation of new stores of value to escape the cost, complexity and regulatory rigidity of traditional money.

The potential for transaction growth in the connected economy is seemingly limitless. Despite the wide spread belief of many that cryptocurrencies were just a fad, they seem like they’re here to stay. More and more, companies are launching their own cryptocurrencies, offering huge money and time-saving benefits to entrepreneurs.

By getting involved sooner rather than later, you’ll be capitalizing on the money of the future.

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